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Zeno the Ruler - #fuckdatdoe


Man, this is probably my favorite artist of all time. Her tracks have gotten me through some shit over the years.

I was first introduced back when she went by Xplo-Sev—those were the days of MySpace. My favorite back then was probably “just lose”—later on it was “love of” and “no sunshine”, even.

I was in the hospital for a while once back in ‘09 or something—wasn’t allowed electronics or none of that. Put that shit on repeat (in my head) just to make it through that crazy ass place.

Anyway, #fuckdatdoe is great. “hours go” is my favorite track at the moment.

I love you yo!

Life be beating my ass bro… I gotta learn to take in every good moment & live in it. I over think any & everything. I have been through so much shit I am scared not to monitor & control everything & all it does is cause more problems. I am a good nigga bruh… ion understand why so much fucked up shit comes my way. I can say one thing about myself tho… I’m a fucking G. I take it all & keep pushing. Its made me hard tho… almost totally numb without any feelings. I am scared to be happy & thats no way to live. I am turning a new leaf tonight tho. I will live my life to the fullest. No more stressing about what I cant control. Its time to let the universe do what it does.

Why the fuck can I almost feel you when you aren’t even here? I swear I hear you calling my name when I lay in my bed unable to sleep without you… fuck I need to touch you… I need to see you… I can’t take it… damn. Absence makes the heart grow fonder… but the mind insane…


The excitement of possibility is amazing… the thought of dreams coming true is one of the best feelings life has to offer… the only thing better is actually living in the moment when that dream actually becomes reality… I haven’t gotten there yet… but when I do I am going to absorb them vibes like a muphuccin shamwow!… when you are hit with endless bullshit for years at a time you start to except it as the norm… you don’t want to get excited about anything because you are always prepared for the let down… but this time Imma enjoy it… fuck it man… let the good vibes flow… 

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